The Asgardian Economy

Asgardian Economy


Asgard’s primary exports consist of natural resources, mercenary services and high-end military supplies, and top-tier education.

  • Asgardian Iron – A greatly desired export of the Asgardian lands is a the worked metal known as Asgardian iron, a near-indestructible iron ore whose only known source is within the Asgardian Nine Worlds. The Asgardian warrior culture has used this material for millenia, using it in the creation of weapons, armor, and buildings.  The introduction of certain additives during the smelting process has served to increase the strength of the natural ore, and Asgardian metalsmiths have guarded the secrets of forging it from outsiders, passing along the techniques from one generation of metallurgists to the next, strictly within their local communities. A versatile metal, Asgardian iron could be melded into multiple alloys and forged into various configurations.  As the Power becomes more involved in Creation-wide trade, some small amounts of this resource have been offered for sale across specialty markets.



  • Mercenary Forces – Capitalizing upon the rough and warlike nature of the Asgardian culture and similar peoples spread throughout the Iron Circle, Asgard’s primary export is the Warband, the Power’s top-tier mercenary forces.  Primarily used in brushfires throughout smaller powers and nations, the Warband is available to the highest bidder.  These forces are configured for stand-alone operations at the individual Band level, supported by technologies that are able to operate throughout Creation.  Warband forces are immediately recognizable due to their rune-adorned Asgardian steel armor and the Valknut flag under which they fight.




  • Art and Arcane Construction – The beautiful creations of the alfar, dokkalfar, and dvergar have begun to appear in Creation markets, demanding high prices due to novelty, the quality of the craftsmanship, and, in some cases, the arcane features of these items.


  • Education – Asgard has become a center for military and magical training, providing instruction through the twin academies in Hrafnborg, the Seiðrhol and Hús Brjóta.


Asgard’s largest imports tend to be military arms raw materials and advanced components.

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