1997 Earth

1997 Earth is a world previously controlled by Oberon, where he “stored” some of those family members who he couldn’t afford to kill. It ran very slow to Amber for a considerable amount of time, before finally being found and opened up. Oberon designed it to have a North American continental government. Following the end of WWII in 1940, Europe was under a fascist European community regime, which has become milder as time has past. The exception was England, which was a buffer area between North America and Europe. As far as climate, think Chicago 1996! The current year there is 2002.

Since it was opened up, it has been discovered that it could twice been the site of a Great Power but did not happen for different reasons, one of which may have been location. Conspiracies and secret societies abound in certain places on 1997 Earth. Deirdre and Llewellan (son of Llewella) have got up to mischief there, along with others, and it has been a hotbed for the Free Rebman movement, under Owain. Moreover, since it was discovered, there have been a number of fires, floods and assorted disasters, especially around Portland, Oregon.

Former residents of 1997 Earth include:

The main PC group which hangs out on 1997 Earth is known as the “Zeus Cafe Crowd”.

and their associates. The Café is own by Lucius, managed by Juan Rodrigues Diego de Cordova Valdez, and is overseen by Julia Barnes. It is being rebuilt following a fire.

In addition, several other other NPCs have a loose affiliations to that world, and are have been involved with the known as the “Zeus Café Crowd”.

  • Wolfram. A mix of Helgram-Channicut-Geib. Not enough information. Probably the most dominant of the group.
  • Baylor, son of Elizabeth Channicut and King Bleys, although scandal surrounds his birth. He has been legitimised Baylor, but is behind the other sons of Bleys in succession and precedence.
  • Franz, grandson of Dieter of Germania, but left Dieter’s service as he wasn’t really of a military bent. Used to be a fanboy of Armand and Artur, although that seems to have changed and he’s now keeping very quiet about it. Rumour has it that Artur thinks he’s “too stupid to live”
  • Augie, another similar mix like Wolfram. Deirdre and Llewellan both seemed to think that he has special blood, although why is not known. Was busted out of First Year Program of the Imperial High Blood Academy by Franz and Baylor. Issues spun out of it, reaching Swayville’s Court, after a Truant Officer was sent out by Lucius’ kids to apprehend Augie.
  • Harvey: mainly a friend of Wolfram’s but not of the others. He irritates Baylor majorly.

Also known to hang out there are

  • Donald Wilfred (Don Wilfred) who is a grandson of Llewellan. Gives lip service to Rebman independence, but does not support Llewellan. This is probably because despite the greenish hue of his skin, he has the red hair (with green streaks) of Helgram ancestry. He does not talk about his father but Baylor and Wolfram believe that the Abyss Hags got the guy.
  • Wilbur, assistant to Don W. Former Sergeant from Germania, although not directly related to Dieter. Court martialled by Dieter’s people for high crimes and drummed out of the military. He is not welcome in Germania. .

While these two are not part of the group and are rivals to the main group, they have an agreement with Lex as a broker and arbitrator. Rumour has it that Lex gets a certain cut from all transactions but details are kept hidden.

Notable landholdings

Lucius of Ultima Terra would like to think he’s in charge of 1997 Earth, but this is disputed by many parties. Moreover, there are some specific areas which most certainly do not owe any allegiance to him.

Glen (and by extension Corwin) has significant influence in Germany, which is rather more fascist-inclined.

Aleksandr, of Parys, styles himself Protector of Various Territories on 1997 Earth

The Pearl District, Portland, OR

Dave Sawall has been buying up a lot of land in the Pearl District in Portland, OR, and is undertaking a major redevelopment of the area. However, he has been unsuccessful in buying the Zeus Cafe/Crystal Hotel site.

Manhattan Island, including the United Nations

Following an incident at the Rainbow Club in the NYC Rockefeller Centre, many of the NYC Police, plus a significant proportion of those who were on Manhattan at the time (including diplomats and businessmen) became devout worshippers of the Norse God Loki.

Defense Secretary Cheney of North America has acknowledged the autonomy of the Island of Manhattan, after it seceded from New York State, following an overwhelming vote by the population establish Loki-ism (not the potato version!) as the State religion of the island. While this violated the Constitution, the autonomy of the island under Prince Artur gives them legal rights under to act in this manner.

Since November 2001, there has also been a strong presence of Loki worshippers in Hollywood.

Loihi Seamount and Island

The Loihi Seamount is the youngest island in the Hawaiian Chain, and formed almost overnight around Halloween/Samhain, a few weeks after the incident at the Rockefeller Centre. it is about two miles square, and largely comprises a volcano, a black sand beach and an upmarket resort.

Defense Secretary Cheney has also declared Loihi Island to be a sovereign territory belonging to His Royal and Imperial Highness, Prince Ian, Grand Duke of Helgram.


Recently an large island emerged from the Pacific, 201 miles from the Palmyra Atoll on 1997 Earth, there is a rising of a strange new island in the Pacific Ocean. Scientists say that an “extinct volcano” emerged there with no significant displacement or water and no seismic readings at all other than the small impact of the weight on stable sea floor, and satellite readings revealed that it is not even connected to the Earth’s magma as one wag called it ‘a copy and paste job’. It was immediately claimed by the Corey rebels, led by Guy, and came into creation militarised. How long it will last, given the number of people who’ve declared war on it, remains to be seen.

Shortly afterwards, a major volcanic eruption caused catastrophic damage to Guy’s military installations on the island, whereupon Hawaiian native, Mahuika ke keike Pele, stepped in and took control of the island, to make sure that any Corey influences were permanently removed.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that there have been tiger sightings in those areas of the island which were not affected by the disaster


Following the failure of the direct line of the Princes of Liechtenstein, the country is now a triple principality ruled by a triumvirate of Darren Barriman, Rowan Cushing-Helgram and Wilhelm FitzChann.