The Asgardian Government


The Kings

Asgard is ruled, in day to day matters, by the King That Reigns, Jarngrimr Twice-born.  The other kings, Odin and Magnus, hold precedence over Jarngrimr, in that order, should they become able to govern.

The þinG

The King is advised by a council of Asgardian Lords and Ladies that include Clan leaders, the Craftholders, the Warlords, the Commanders of the Heimavörður, and, if they should so choose, the other rulers of the Peoples.

Specific Governmental Agencies and Appointees

Department Function Director
Asgardian Affairs Agriculture Sigurd Björnberg
Manufacturing Alith Linde
Urban Development Gunrod Horn
Financial Affairs Treasurer Beadohild Kärling
Oversight Hlif Neergaard
Foreign Affairs Diplomatic Affairs Bjarr Arnason
Foreign Trade Juheta Ehrenskiöld
Public Relations Sweyn Kärling
Justice High Judge Seri Hedemann
Immigration Raud Vind
Inspector General Lynnae Horn
Nine Worlds Racial Affairs Ljot Anker
Public Health and Care Education Safi Linde
Public Health Leofwine Neergaard
Settlement Services Karni Vind
Trade and Commerce Economic Development Tryggvi Ehrenskiöld
International Trade Thorkil Hedemann
War Lokaósk Commander Marit Björnberg
Heimavörður Operations Samuli Anker
Intelligence Services Finnandi Skallgrimsson
Warband Operations Magnus Björnberg



Asgardian Ambassadors

Nation Ambassador
Abyss Empire Bjarke Vagle
Amber Kargen Westergaard
Antilla Sanke Linde
Brandenberg Setra Anker
Courts of Chaos Thurin Linde
Lambeth Ljasse Ehrenskiöld
New Vegas Nana Hedemann
Nod Raust Kärling
OWE Tisi Horn
Parys Marcal  Björnberg
Triskellion Hroth Vind

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