Government and Diplomacy

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Magus rules as the King of Asgard, Fimbulthule of the Great Rune, Wotan of Valhalla, Emperor of the Nine Worlds and the Iron Ring.

The Council

The Council of the Aesir serves as an advisory body to Magnus.

Specific Governmental Agencies and Appointees

  • Secretary of Foreign Relations, Bjarr Arnason (PbH, OoJR(II))
  • Lord Mayor of Hrafnborg, Alfred Magnusson

Special Organizations and Groups

The Hanged

The “Hanged” appear to be some form of elite order within Asgard.  Although their full purpose and capabilities are only just beginning to be known, some facts seem to be surfacing:

  • The members of this group appear to be stronger, faster, and more resilient than normal humans.
  • Members span all elements of Asgardian society, including the military, artists, doctors, and philosophers.
  • Members of the group are shown a large amount of deference by the rank and file of Asgardian citizens.

The Jarn Riddari

The Jarn Riddari (“Iron Riders”) are a chivalric order present within Asgard.  There are three degrees associated with the Order:

  • Third Class – Awarded for services to the Realm.  The symbol is an iron arm band bearing the symbol of the Valknut.
  • Second Class – Awarded for extensive services, either singly or as an accumulation of the Third Class award.  The symbol is the same as the Third Class with added runic engravings.
  • First Class – Awarded for services in the face of great danger or sacrifice to the Realm.  Carries a title of hereditary nobility (“Thane”) and associated lands.  The symbol is the same as the Second Class with a chain loop that is fastened at the shoulder above the band.


Asgardian Ambassadors

  • Bjarke Vagle (PbH, OoJR(II)) – Brandenberg
  • Kargen Westergaard (OoJR) – Lambeth
  • Sanke Linde (OoJR(II)) – Antilla

Ambassadors from the Rest of Creation

  • Brandenburg – Landgraf Heinrich Von Erlenmeyer

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