The Abyssal Realms #2

The currently known information about the Thirteen Abyss Realms and their Queens is as follows. (More information may be distributed or added to the wiki at a later date.)

The realms are listed in order of relations with Chaos and Amber (from positive to negative).

Cailleach (Bheur, Mab), Queendom of  Gwyllion

Notable Rocks: Carline, Muir, Ben Cruachan, Moher

TOLERATED: has relations with the Courts of Chaos

Associated with winter, cows, closest known connection to the Unseelie Court. She spats with Pele as she likes snow, storms and cold. Likes to put snow on Pele’s territories for pranks.

Also tends to have a Ground hog Day connection

Pele  (TUTU or Madame Pele), Queendom of Kilauea

TOLERATED: has relations with the Courts of Chaos

Noteable rocks: Halemaʻumaʻu (Capital), Teide, Kahiki, Kanaloa; lost rock Kuaihelani

Pele seems to be very passionate fiery and her worlds have caused much volcanic activity. May have had ties to Vulcan.

HATES Snow passionately as well as cold. Warred with minor snow deities, as well as Cailleach and her own sister Poli´ahu.

Baba Yaga, Queendom of  Zamoryshek

NOT CONSIDERED RESPECTABLE – restricted or bare relations with the Courts of Chaos

Notable rocks: Polesia ,Svetovid, Rugia

While not of Unlife, she has a daughter by Ungoliant’s son, He-Lob named Lolth, Queen of the normal spiders. Lolth is NOT Unlife.

Known to hate birds – especially firebirds

She seems to have a travelling palace looking like a hut with chicken legs

Ereshkigal, Queendom of Kur of the Seven Gates

Notable rocks: Kutha, Irkalla, Gudua

NOT EVEN REMOTELY RESPECTABLE – no relations with the Courts of Chaos

The Queen of Night Relief is volatile, political and scheming. She loves her sacrifices, preferably male ,and has long had a history of meddling in Solstice and the earlier Abyss Empire’s affairs.

Her lands are the last remnant of an earlier Greater Sumerian Abyss territory of rocks, the rest ground or scattered into the lost recesses of the Abyss. Much of her reaction to the Solstice continuum is the reincarnation of many of their deities there, who were not on best terms with her. She had great influence in Rebma until its annexation to the Kingdom of Amber, and she and the Aztec Queen frequently invaded Amber and other areas, including proto Parys, in association with Moire.

Her alliance with Deirdre and her allies are well documented though denied officially. She has provided military support for Deirdre twice: against  Roland Helgram and his ally Lucius in the two Battles of Deirdreopolis. She frequently works with a number of Deirdre’s maids of honour, and Deirdre has lobbied for Swayville to quietly restore relations, although this was blocked by Dara, Bances and Gramble Sawall.

It is also well known that she has been active in hiring raiders for Abyss hags in Equinox. She controls the raids on those in Equinox constructing new patterns/powers although she is not always alone.

She has joined forces twice recently with her rival, Itzpapalotl of the Aztec Abyss Queendom: once involving the seizure and fate of Solstice Avernus; and the second with Deirdre, before her disappearance, and Llewellan of Remba  when there was a Remban diaspora infiltrating the Pacific Northwest in 1997 Earth, and also in relation to a rumoured series of rituals in Banff, Brocken Mountain and Mount Hood in 1997 Earth, that were prevented.

While she is one of the darkest Abyss Queens, she does not work with Unlife. Indeed, she recently cut ties to Remban King in Exile, Owain for his new alliance with Unlife through Lob-Law the Ungoliant descendant megaspider.

She is not fond of Ishtar, Sin, Shamash, Enkil etc. However, interestingly enough, she has not harmed Phillip and Alexander, although they have stumbled on many of her plots and activities: she could inconvenience them and embarrass them, but was unable to hurt nor harm them.

Itzpapalotl, Queendom of Tamoanchan

Notable rocks: Mikthan, Cuauhnahuac, Mayonikha

NOT EVEN REMOTELY RESPECTABLE – no relations with the Courts of Chaos

Until very recently, Itzpapalotl, was the bosom ally of the Rebman Court. She was involved with the Rebman Queen and her princesses. She was frequently at many questionable parties and strange Rebman religious practices. In fact, the Rebman religion, which is totally outside of the Amblerash Dogma, is reputedly to be an underwater version of Itzpapalotl’s Aztec practices including human sacrifice. There is also a question if Moira of Remba was related to her. Martin has been, spared al though he would have been suitable for the obsidian knife.

She was very close to Llewella of Amber and has been sponsoring plots and attempts to free or communicate with her. And with the recent exception of Owain, she was protective of Llewella’s children.

Itzpapalotl was the mastermind behind the divorce of Clarissa Helgram, and assisted and benefited from the murder of Helgrams. Her influence in Rebma made it impossible for Helgrams to flee Amber by water.  She is reported to have a lust for Helgram blood, as well as has a strong hatred for both Aetius and Roland Helgram. Unlike Ereshkigal, whose rivalry with them had more to do with their political positioning, the intensity of Itzpapalotl’s odium has never been explained though it is intense.

She bullied Oberon, and when he defied her, she helped Moire of Rebma sink many coastal territories and drown millions of Amber citizens. She enforces Oberon’s and Kolvir’s tribute, which that protected it from less deadly Abyss Major storms, as well as attacking many of Oberon’s stations.

She was the mastermind behind the soul shredding and sacrifice of Oberon’s son, Aetius, and his banishment from Solstice to live as a mortal.

Itzpapalotl controls a large chunk of raiders and is the sworn enemy of the Mecklenbergs and Jason of Neuvo Sangre in the Equinox continuum. She was responsible for the priestesshood washing into Equinox multiple times, and frequent attacks by raiders. She gave a lot of blood to independent Hag Raiders to attack Equinox regularly.

Solstice is too far away from her realm for most raiding parties to be workable. Itzpapalotl has a long hate list in Solstice. It is unwise and unsafe to go near her lands.

She tolerates Brand as a fellow Aztec God, although strangely enough the Jaguar is the symbol of Aetius. She is after different Smoking Mirrors badly.



Notable rock: Manidweepa though her followers haunt crematoriums and grave yards.

Blood thirsty, controls Thugee cultists, demons and hags. She accepts any sacrifice with no blood turned down.

Chaos barely talks to her but she has so may ears everywhere that it doesn’t seem to stop her knowing what’s going on. Chaos usually goes through other Abyss Queendoms than have direct relations.

Kali is known to provide assistance to trouble anywhere, sometimes on both sides. She is reported to have helped in the Avernus Battle with Bleys, but not as much as Itzpapalotl and Ereshkigal.

After the actions of her Thugee Cult in Amber City, she has personally been banned from the Solstice Continuum, although her minions may still be able to access Solstice.