Henry Broom

Henry is generally known has either Hal or, less commonly, Harry.

Henry Broom
Henry Broom

Not a great deal is currently known about him, although he claims that his birth date was 16 September 1386, on his world of origin. He was involved in claiming the Shadow of Camlann (near Avalon) for Wendell of Wendellways, and has since walked the Amber Pattern, proving that he must have at least some High Blood. His preferred method of dress appears to be late-Medieval/early-Rennaissance, and he carries himself like a soldier, as well as a major Feudal Lord.

He bears a striking resemblance to Artur Acker, although he is slightly taller, and more heavily built. He has the blue eyes of Bleys’s line, and his hair is definitely on the strawberry side of strawberry blond. He also usually wears a neat goatee.

In a recent conversation with Wendell, Dave and Lucius, Artur referred to him as his nephew. He appears to be a good friend of both Edward Benedictson and Artur, who have obviously known him for some time.

Known Capabilities

He is a talented general, with a knack for getting his men to follow him to the brink and back. He also seems to be a talented sorcerer and it’s possible he also has some ability as a ritual magician.

He has walked the Amber Pattern and his card is now in the family deck.

Titles and Distinctions

Duke of Picardy, Camlenn.



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