Frode Alvisson

Frode has trained as a Skald and is also a dab hand with a bow and arrow.


Frode Alvisson

Frode claims to be a couple of hundred years old, although in most lights he looks a damn sight younger than that. Indeed, people who’ve known him for a long time have commented that he’s hardly aged a day.

He’s not built like a warrior. He’s not terribly clean nor are his clothes expensive looking. He has hair as black as a raven’s wing and a fair looking face which seems slightly amused.

He usually carries a weird looking fiddle. He can also be found armed with bow, quiver and a couple of daggers,

Other Information

Frode started his education at Skaldsholme at a very young age and, if quizzed, he just smiles and says it was probably better that way. He did take a break of around twenty years in his studies, but was allowed to return and complete them. He continues to be a regular visitor there.

There are three particular tunes of his in the Manuscripts Library at Skaldsholme. One about a lost love – clearly a young man; another about the fate of a woman who loved an Alfar; and the third about the particular smell on a battlefield after a week.

He has something of a reputation as “the sort of man sensible girls are warned off”.

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