Alfheim, a World of Ice and Summer


Alfheim, also known as Ljossalheim (the domain of the alfar of light) is certainly the most unsettling world of all, although it is not (at least at first) the most dangerous one. The landscape is constantly changing, continuously reshaped by the whim, will and magic of the inhabitants, the alfar. Even time is quite subjective. So, it is best to have a guide of alfar origin to be able to find one’s way, or to have already been there and know the place.

Points to note in Alfheim:

  • The land is mostly covered with lush forests and verdant meadows.
  • Seasons do not change everywhere at the same time in Alfheim. It is very possible to be winter, and snow in one place and have bright summer in another. Season cycles are different in various places. Some regions seem stuck on a specific season, often because of the will of a particular nobleman who just wants to enjoy the weather a bit longer.
  • Time is subjective. It does not always flow the same way. A day does not always last the same number of hours, its duration changes randomly, in a way that is beyond understanding for humans.


The Alfar and their creatures


The Ice Queen and her consort, the Summer King


The courts of the Queen and King move throughout the seasons


The Alfar and their creatures are the most common threats.  Given the Alfar’s highly magical natures and control over their environment, the seasons and lands can easily turn against intruders.

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