ThrawnThe first thing Thrawn remembers is waking up in the hospital with a medical android taking care of some burns on his arms. Over the course of the next few days he slowly begins to feel human. He  knows his name and is able to walk with help and eat soft foods at first.  There Was quite a bit of damage done to him. And the doctors could not answer how it was done either. They did have some good news in that he was healing faster than the average person. Then the difficult questions started. Who was he? How did he get so injured? How are you going to pay? Who injured you?  What planet are you from? Where is your ID? Aside from knowing his name he could not answer the other questions. He spent the next two weeks trying to figure out everything else before he was released from the hospital.  Perhaps the most important was where was he? Nothing seemed familiar and news was talking about a possible civil war with a large group of planets separating from the Galactic Republic. Wherever that was.

Three days before he was to be released the security forces came again this time with someone in brown robes. Security explained that the person in the brown robes was a Jedi and would try and help figure out who he was. The Jedi trying to enter Thrawn’s mind. It didn’t work. The only thing that happened was the Jedi got a headache and  Tried to blame it on Thrawn  and that he was trouble and left. The next day someone showed Thrawn information about the Grand Army of the Republic. It seems that those planets that wanted succession  tried to succeed. And the Republic did not want that to happen so they created a military, an Army and the Navy. The Army didn’t interest Thrawn but the Navy  on the other hand sounded very interesting. After he was released from the hospital he went to the Naval recruiting office and signed up.

Thrawn distinguished himself early on and continued after training. After he saved the ship and commanded it to a victory after all the officers were out of action, he was sent to Academy to become an officer.  He continued to distinguish himself in Academy, graduating top of his class, and during The Clone Wars. He rose quickly up the ranks and by the end of the Clone Wars he was first officer of a star destroyer. Then the order to kill all of the Jedi’s was given. Thrawn Has no love for the Jedi. They bungled up several battles he was in and seem to be magnets for trouble. While the troopers were trying to follow their orders the Jedi killed Thrawn’s Captain before dying. Thrawn was able to keep his command while they mopped up a few stragglers. Thrawn figured that after the war the military would be downsized. He was wrong. The Chancellor became the Emperor and expanded the military greatly. Thrawn was promoted to Captain and given numerous awards. It seemed the  Emperor had great plans for Thrawn. Thrawn took part in many campaigns that increased the size of the Empire and led to greater stability.

Over the next 18 years Thrawn distinguished himself  even more became captain of even larger ships and was promote to Grand Admiral along with learning the ways of the Force. This led to a great deal of jealousy in the royal court. In what seemed like a backwards move Thrawn was sent to the unknown regions. This wasn’t a  backwards step, it was a promotion. Thrawn was given a difficult job to pacify and strengthen the area and bring it under Empire control. The Emperor and Thrawn both received  a vision of a great enemy having their way with the galaxy. Thrawn was given the task of stopping this vision from happening. In a short amount of time he did his job, unfortunately the Emperor had been killed by the Rebellion and the Empire was fragmenting and collapsing. In a short few years Thrawn was able to unite the Empire and crush the Rebellion. Things changed dramatically when the Emperor was reborn in a clone body, at first things were as they were before the fall. Suddenly, the Emperor was making insane and destructive decisions. Wiping out several neutral planets for no reason. Thrawn began quickly gathering allies and after a brief and brutal campaign destroyed the Emperor and became the new Emperor. The next few years saw considerable consolidation and preparations for a larger war with an unknown enemy. 17 years later the great enemy openly attacked and was crushed. During the time up to the enemy arriving Thrawn introduced many changes. The most controversial was the changing the Jedi and Sith into Imperial Knights.  They led the attack against enemy successfully defeating them.

At the highest point in galactic strength Thrawn resigned and turned the galaxy over to the Senate. The Senate, however, in the span of 5 years became corrupt and unable to defend itself against a new enemy from a parallel universe.  Thrawn resisted coming back until the capital planet was sacked.

Thrawn came back on his terms and while fighting the new enemy, corrected the problems of corruption and added strength to the Empire. The invading army was defeated and their empire added to Thrawn’s.

The Empire became the OtherWorld Empire and many universes have been added. The military has grown into a mighty force of good. It learned from other universes adding new tactics and soldiers. Largest difference is the addition of droids to the military. The Jedi and Sith are small religions and most Force users are part of the Imperial Knights along with the best of the rest of the Empire. The Senates are advisers to Emperor Thrawn and the people are happy and wealthy.  The white sabretooth tiger flag flies high and proud.

Thrawn and friends recently conquered 2 new shadows from Corwin agents Caprica and Concordia. Both shadows are now willing to fight against Corwin and support Thrawn.

Thrawn acquired a pet Sabretiger by the name of Harlequin. Harlequin is a white sabretiger with black stripes and is very popular and cute.

Thrawn and Lucius, after a long series of battles, killed Caine.
Thrawn and others are attempting to end Caine as a threat to Creation and are fighting Caine’s Empire to destroy his remnants and war making ability.

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