Art Art and Art

There is Artur aka Loki, son of Ian and grandson of Dieter – PC Played by Trish.
He is a friend of Matthew and Art Baker. He has holdings across Creation. He had served in Dieter’s elite magical branch of his special forces. He also is known for his fabulous pyrotechnic shows and love of fire. A skilled ritualist who heads a secret society based in the Holy Roman Empire inside Antilla.

There is Art Baker, who was the Regent of Parys following the War of the Parys Succession 304 years ago. He is the only son of Corwin and a beautiful Afro-Caribbean human lady. Art Baker is the only son of Corwin (who is not a son of Dara) that allowed into Parys currently. He is a jazz musician and a bit of a ladies’ man. He travels around and reported jammed with Mississippi Jack. He is friends with Ian, Artur and Glen.

There is Arthur Channing Brandenberg (officially renamed with a new house name of Von Palatine by Lucius) who is a son of Dara and Lucius. He is one of the Four (senior) Bears who are sons of Lucius. Arthur is a lawyer who does some PT work for Ian at Guildhall, he is a competent armchair general though is stalked by the crazy Riva as “her Bear”. He is considered a ‘liberal’ by UT standards and is accused of being soft on “Matthewism”. He is also called lazy though Ian has never complained about Arthur’s completion of tasks at Guildhall.

The “Three Arthurs” often hang out together and are known for operating discreetly behind the screen.

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