Improvement in Amber/Chaos Relations

King Bleys and Foreign Minister Jericho are delighted, a Royal Gazette report released today states concerning the recent re-opening of embassies.
Scheduled to open just after the birth of King Swayville twin girls by Queen Florimel, the official restoration of relations symbolizes the long way that Amber-Chaos relations has gone since the draconian dictated Treaty of Patternfall ended the last Creation Wide War.

Said Prince John, “We look forward to seeing all the Grand Duchies use their autonomous rights to open Embassies as well in Amber City. There is a new High Commission of the Grand Duchy of Helgramways being built in Amber City,”  ignoring a joke by Prince Julian that Amber Castle is the current Helgram Embassy.

The new Amber Embassy reconstructed to look as it had during the marriage of King Oberon and Queen Clarissa Helgram, has a magnificent neo-classical look. The Embassy buildings were seized by King Oberon during the last war and torn apart into tiny pieces to check for hidden materials.

In contrast the older Amber Embassy was temporarily put under guardianship by the Royal House of Barriman represented by Grand Duke Suhuy of Suhuyways.

Said Prince John, “We must continue to work for long term peace between the five Great Powers to prevent Creationwide War from plaguing our Empires in the future.”

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    This is fantastic news!

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