Explosions Across Shadow

Huge powered explosions were detected at multiple unknown sites in Creation. Multiple groupings of shadows vanished and were replaced in a blink of an eye. The locations were unchartered and not registered to any known high bloods.
The source of the explosions seemed to come a shadow in the middle of nowhere which has been obliterated by a ritual.
Strange phenomena are reported –
  • Mandor’s supporters get nightmares and horrors when they sleep for 16 days
  • All of Mandor’s Apple crops in all creation die
  • IX’s stair is covered in  pink slime
  • Stillwater gets a thunderstorm
  •  Amber has a bumper grape crop
  • Chaos has a bumper Apple crop
  • All warpies and chakra worlds get 10% fertility increase and have more lambs times twenty
  • Brandenberg gets overpopulation of cows, oxen and aurochs
  • Parys gets a surplus of pigs
  • Asgard gets goats
  • Bayport has increased poultry
  • Mandorways and Sawall get a plague of black rabbits eating each thing
  • Edgefields get epic herbs including rare undiscovered ones
  • Tree of life worlds get free 69% improved health in their populations of humans
  • Ygg trees get extra growth and their seeds can cure any diseases known to the 8 of you today
  • Lynx statues in known shadows shatter

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