Explosions Across Shadow

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Huge powered explosions were detected at multiple unknown sites in Creation. Multiple groupings of shadows vanished and were replaced in a blink of an eye. The locations were unchartered and not registered to any known high bloods.
The source of the explosions seemed to come a shadow in the middle of nowhere which has been obliterated by a ritual.
Strange phenomena are reported –
  • Mandor’s supporters get nightmares and horrors when they sleep for 16 days
  • All of Mandor’s Apple crops in all creation die
  • IX’s stair is covered in  pink slime
  • Stillwater gets a thunderstorm
  •  Amber has a bumper grape crop
  • Chaos has a bumper Apple crop
  • All warpies and chakra worlds get 10% fertility increase and have more lambs times twenty
  • Brandenberg gets overpopulation of cows, oxen and aurochs
  • Parys gets a surplus of pigs
  • Asgard gets goats
  • Bayport has increased poultry
  • Mandorways and Sawall get a plague of black rabbits eating each thing
  • Edgefields get epic herbs including rare undiscovered ones
  • Tree of life worlds get free 69% improved health in their populations of humans
  • Ygg trees get extra growth and their seeds can cure any diseases known to the 8 of you today
  • Lynx statues in known shadows shatter
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Improvement in Amber/Chaos Relations

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King Bleys and Foreign Minister Jericho are delighted, a Royal Gazette report released today states concerning the recent re-opening of embassies.
Scheduled to open just after the birth of King Swayville twin girls by Queen Florimel, the official restoration of relations symbolizes the long way that Amber-Chaos relations has gone since the draconian dictated Treaty of Patternfall ended the last Creation Wide War.

Said Prince John, “We look forward to seeing all the Grand Duchies use their autonomous rights to open Embassies as well in Amber City. There is a new High Commission of the Grand Duchy of Helgramways being built in Amber City,”  ignoring a joke by Prince Julian that Amber Castle is the current Helgram Embassy.

The new Amber Embassy reconstructed to look as it had during the marriage of King Oberon and Queen Clarissa Helgram, has a magnificent neo-classical look. The Embassy buildings were seized by King Oberon during the last war and torn apart into tiny pieces to check for hidden materials.


In contrast the older Amber Embassy was temporarily put under guardianship by the Royal House of Barriman represented by Grand Duke Suhuy of Suhuyways.


Said Prince John, “We must continue to work for long term peace between the five Great Powers to prevent Creationwide War from plaguing our Empires in the future.”

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His Serene Highness, Prince Matthew of Garnath and King/Emperor of Antillas will be constructing a new Embassy in Amber City in the nicknamed “Belgravia” Embassy district. The new building to look castle like in its design is reminiscent of Embassies in Kensington in different Earths.


As Prince of independent Garnath, King Matthew owns a unique status allowing him to have a different relationship than just owning a rock in the Earth Zone which Antilla and its Railway Empire consists of. It is for that reason, King Bleys allowed Matthew to have a slightly larger embassy than the UT Imperial Embassy.

The Garnath Embassy also represents the large international banking interests that have been headquartered in Garnath. The Golden Circle Kingdoms have been patronizing the Garnath Bank rather than the Nod/New Vegas Banks though some Golden Circle potentates have accounts in New Vegas Banks to easily give presents and tribute to Golden Circle Prime Minister Jericho.

Antilla is linked by rail to Lambeth, Tiereth, New Vegas, UT, Outer World Empire, Parys and through Parys by Airship to Brandenberg.

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Art Art and Art

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There is Artur aka Loki, son of Ian and grandson of Dieter – PC Played by Trish.
He is a friend of Matthew and Art Baker. He has holdings across Creation. He had served in Dieter’s elite magical branch of his special forces. He also is known for his fabulous pyrotechnic shows and love of fire. A skilled ritualist who heads a secret society based in the Holy Roman Empire inside Antilla.

There is Art Baker, who was the Regent of Parys following the War of the Parys Succession 304 years ago. He is the only son of Corwin and a beautiful Afro-Caribbean human lady. Art Baker is the only son of Corwin (who is not a son of Dara) that allowed into Parys currently. He is a jazz musician and a bit of a ladies’ man. He travels around and reported jammed with Mississippi Jack. He is friends with Ian, Artur and Glen.

There is Arthur Channing Brandenberg (officially renamed with a new house name of Von Palatine by Lucius) who is a son of Dara and Lucius. He is one of the Four (senior) Bears who are sons of Lucius. Arthur is a lawyer who does some PT work for Ian at Guildhall, he is a competent armchair general though is stalked by the crazy Riva as “her Bear”. He is considered a ‘liberal’ by UT standards and is accused of being soft on “Matthewism”. He is also called lazy though Ian has never complained about Arthur’s completion of tasks at Guildhall.

The “Three Arthurs” often hang out together and are known for operating discreetly behind the screen.

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King Bleys congratulated the merchants, shop-owners, vendors and the Amber hospitality industry for another successful Festival of Wine and Roses.

“I am proud to see my capital city in the dying embers of a warm autumn day turn into a city of light where its population enjoys itself and celebrates its freedom, prosperity and monarchy.” Bleys said as he held a public dinner at the public gardens of the Towers of the Four Martyrs Square in South Amber near Faiella’s old palace now a home for wayward girls.

At the public dinner, seating 10,000 people, King Bleys and his audience were greeted by tremendous dancing, songs and a massive banquet. The Towers of the Four Martyrs are the official burial places of St. Obie the Martyr and 3 other persons of royal blood murdered during the Civil War during Prince Eric’s usurpation. King Bleys dedicated the gardens for the public not to mourn, but to celebrate life, celebrate his family and to come and picnic, drink and party. “The Towers are to be sites for reflection but the grounds are to celebrate life.”

All across the city, free wine was put into every fountain and the Church of Amber provided free blessings and open houses. There are unconfirmed reports of Dragon Carriage rides for the kiddies in St. Obie the Martyr Square.

Queen Mother Clarissa was at her palace throwing out silver to the people and praising how Amber now, is finally healing from the horrors of civil war and Oberon’s brutal last few years. “I do not know what happened to King Oberon. My late ex husband was touched by great unexplained evil and while I do not get along with Rilga, it is not her fault.” Clarissa also had a public feast with Helgram Mince Pies being made available with Crème De Gregoire – a Helgram decadent dessert.

There was a new Bear announced by the Bear World Resort in New Vegas. “Grimmy Bear was declared a Yellow Kodiak Bear after turning into a Bear and defeating Mandorite spies.” said the promotion. Grimmy Bear toys are now being sold in Amber and Bear World. Pope Barry Bear’s priest in Amber City declared that Grimmy is not a BEAR but just a bear spirit who exist to serve the High Bears. Another Bear Priest commented that he thought it was an Asgardian plot to kidnap the Bears and replace them with cheap Asgardian knock-offs. Regardless, Grimmy Bear turned into a Bear into the presence of UT Prince and Senior Bear, Arthur the Bear, who was off duty from his once a week service at Guildhall.

That was not the only shapechanging – A woman who claimed to be from Osrica or Dealunde changed into a deer in her happiness at the Festival of Wine and Roses. She praised House Helgram and King Bleys and Queen Elizabeth. Local Soothsayers said it was a good omen. Prince Patrick chased her, allegedly because he thought she was either going to marry him as wife number 23 or she had a big pot of gold for his love of money. Also another strange boy was seen urinating on a sacred tree of the Seven Sisters of the Abyss and was turned into a little doggie that chased the deer. The local priest wondered if it was a miracle making the Church of St. Obie the Martyr into a full fledged Unicorn Shrine.

Others warned it was a Lucius plot to take over Creation again.

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Smuggling Ring Busted

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(Thelbane City) King Swayville’s Imperial and Royal Office today announced that there was a large military action that ran from Thelbane City’s Pit to the edge of Geib Void to the edge of the Black Zone along the Abyss frontier. “Not since the days of Cornelius the Elder has that many of our military been deployed in and around the Brown Water Chaos Abyss,” the report read.

“We have been intercepting large amounts of contraband that has been travelling into Chaos and the holy lands, realms and dominions of Lord Swayville. The report observes that Swayville is by the right of birth, the King of Chaos, Lord of Thelbane, Emperor of the Golden Circle, Grand Emperor of the Abyss Empire, oldest male heir to the line of the Abyss Emperors starting with Justin the Uniter aka Justin the Stern.”

The report mentions that large numbers of loose unaffiliated Abyss hags – the warrior amazons – who belong to no Ruler nor Goddess have been leading smuggling runs into Chaos, benefiting certain rogue Chaos Lords from Sawall who were ex-Prime Ministers but will remain unnamed.

Large amounts of White (Monoatomic) Gold, raw laen, mithril, reams of magical sigils, even runic sigils were being exported illegally to the Abyss in contravention of decrees continually going as far back to the Founding of the Dragon Throne of Thelbane Tower in Chaos.

Over 400 barrels of BVC High Blood were seized. Chaos law enforcement and military reports that over 30 minor Lords were arrested and have been confined to Thelbane Tower. Included in that arrest is Mandorius FitzSawall, a bastard son of Mandor reportedly with one of the Abyss hags.

Barrels of Victor Crude Blood forms the legal tender of all Abyss Queendoms and is the definition of High Blood Measurement for rituals in the Abyss and many other places and realms. 1 BVC is worth approximately 1 pint of the blood of one of the “Bears”. Lord Victor Fitzchannicut is a black haired descendant of House Channicut, living in deep Channicutways, who denies but alleged to have donated insane amounts of his blood in exchange for exotic favours from unidentified Abyss Hags. The sheer volume of the blood caused it to become the official and/or unofficial trading currency in the Abyss Blackwater and beyond.

Definition of Barrels of Victor Crude – One barrel equals 42 US gallons or 35 UK (imperial) gallons, or approximately 159 litres or 9,702 cubic inches (5.6 cubic feet)

Lately, BVC have been used as trade and payment between different smuggling rings and rogue Abyss traders. Reportedly Leaders Sand and Delwin have been accumulating large surpluses of BVC to serve as a currency reserve for trade and bribery with the Abyss.

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Royal Births in Amber

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Published by Authority
October 1, Year 3 of the Reign of His Royal And Imperial Majesty

During the Middle of the Week, at 5 minutes after three in the morning, Her Royal and Imperial Highness, The Queen Consort, Grand Duchess of Helgramways, Princess Royal of Channicut, safely delivered three baby princesses.

Her Royal and Imperial Highness Princess Margaret Elizabeth Clarissa Alberta, Princess of Amber, Helgramways, Avernus
Her Royal and Imperial Highness Princess Mary Elizabeth Clarissa Swayvanna, Princess of Amber, Helgramways, Avernus
Her Royal and Imperial Highness Princess Jane Elizabeth Clarissa Cymnea, Princess of Amber, Helgramways, Avernus

The attending natal physician and surgeon was Prince Ian of Amber, Helgram and Avernus
The Home Secretary was present and can certify the birth was true and legitimate
The King’s eldest son and father to the Crown Prince was in attendance in place of his father

The Queen and the infant Princesses are doing very well.

The happy event was made known by the firing of the cannons in Amber Castle and at the Dock fortifications. Churches of the Unicorn are ringing their bells in celebration.

King Bleys has declared a three day holiday – one day for each baby girl.

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The New Solstice Wiki

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This is the Solstice Wiki.

You can create static pages for characters or places / items of interest, and also create blog postings. Both pages and postings can have comments added by other users.

To edit or add material, you need to first be registered – user the sidebar logon to do this, then have an administrator elevate your permissions to allow authoring / editing of material.

Admins get notified whenever anything is changed. They also get notified of all new users.

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