Royal Births in Amber

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October 1, Year 3 of the Reign of His Royal And Imperial Majesty

During the Middle of the Week, at 5 minutes after three in the morning, Her Royal and Imperial Highness, The Queen Consort, Grand Duchess of Helgramways, Princess Royal of Channicut, safely delivered three baby princesses.

Her Royal and Imperial Highness Princess Margaret Elizabeth Clarissa Alberta, Princess of Amber, Helgramways, Avernus
Her Royal and Imperial Highness Princess Mary Elizabeth Clarissa Swayvanna, Princess of Amber, Helgramways, Avernus
Her Royal and Imperial Highness Princess Jane Elizabeth Clarissa Cymnea, Princess of Amber, Helgramways, Avernus

The attending natal physician and surgeon was Prince Ian of Amber, Helgram and Avernus
The Home Secretary was present and can certify the birth was true and legitimate
The King’s eldest son and father to the Crown Prince was in attendance in place of his father

The Queen and the infant Princesses are doing very well.

The happy event was made known by the firing of the cannons in Amber Castle and at the Dock fortifications. Churches of the Unicorn are ringing their bells in celebration.

King Bleys has declared a three day holiday – one day for each baby girl.

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The New Solstice Wiki

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This is the Solstice Wiki.

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