Antilla Broadcasting Corporation on the Parys Crisis

Providing a unity of service in Antilla Station, the Antillan Railway Empire and the Island of Antilla in E1,King Matthew came on the air by radio and television. “We are delighted to build this remarkable intershadow communication system.

In more news, “Matthew says, “There was a terrible disaster in Parys where much of their hinterland has been swept into the ocean of the Abyss by an unknown phenomena or by deliberate sabotage against the Parys Government.Our thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family of Parys and all the subjects that owe them true allegiance. My sister Jorrah and her husband, my cousin Christophe are well and have not been injured in this tumultuous and unprecedented calamity.”

“At the same time, my brother Lucius, in a similar incident has found a large calamity where his new colonies have been swept into the Abyss. Many of his family, my family were present but were able to stabilize their new offshore abyss beach front property.  Our thoughts and prayers are with my brother and other kinsmen of mine in these new brownwater dominions.”

“This crisis requires action on our part to protect our friends and relatives in these areas stricken by calamities. I have acted to keep my railways to both kingdoms open despite enormous challenges.

“I have suspended habeas corpus in Antilla Station and all railway territory  that is not a settled province indefinitely. Properly settled provinces will have their laws, freedoms and liberties that is their creator given right. However Antilla Station is a different problem and we must be vigilant against Communism and its behaved little brother, Socialism. We have banned Amnesty InterCreation in Antilla Station and forbidden any of their members from using our Railway. They are not banned in the Railway Empire but police have been unable to protect them from the huge majority of the loyal population who do not want them around.

“We have been also helping our allies in UT and Parys distant domains protect themselves against communists, rebel scum and social justice warriors who illegally seize public and private property. In those cases martial law had been raised and the loyal populations were armed to protect themselves, their system of life and their property.”

King Matthew then issued a blanket pardon in perpetuity for those who kill communists or slow track communists – He also made it a crime for any legislator in any of his lands to try to issue an apology for these actions.

Amnesty InterCreation called this “The Tripartite White Terror brought to you by Christophe, Lucius and Matthew. Do not believe their phony wars and imaginary sinking lands in the Abyss. They are ruthless dictators.”

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