Aemeliana DeFanged – In Palliative Care – SoR Disbanded!

After a speech that can almost be declared as self-immolation, “Saint” Aemeliana FitzJesby was admitted into the Special Hospital for the Deranged and Poisoned in the Grand Duchy of Jesbyways. Immediate Jesby family members have told the press that Aemeliana had a terrible from of Abyss Syphilis where the final stages of this disease are kicking in.

Members of the House of Jesby are petitioning King Swayville to allow her birthname of Jesby to be fully restored as well as her Barony of Aemelianaways.  The Royal Office considers that “her renunciation of her noble status and titles to be utter madness as well as her anti-monarchism to be proof of her diseased ridden insanity.”

Aemeliana is most infamous for being the founder and head of the Society of the Righteous (SotR) which was a more radical organization founded by dissidents unhappy with Amnesty InterCreation and its willingness to abide by the laws of the land.  Aemeliana suffered from emotional guilt for being a high born soul and compounded with her disease, was very unhappy. Her followers performed many terrible crimes including the recent murder of a Channicut natural son of the late Grand Duke Tubble in the 1997 Earth.

In her final stages of madness, she revealed many of the Society’s unsavoury and hypocritical practices including their vast largess and secret bank accounts. It is said she even revealed over 100 quintillion Thelbane Pounds worth of hidden assets in secret bank accounts with the code numbers across creation. It is reported that before they were seized by law enforcement, many of her questionable followers are now retiring as Billionaires. The Head of the Society of the Righteous confessed to unsavoury personal habits, including mass poisonings, that even horrified hardened former members of the now defunct Jesby Auntie’s Clique.

It is unclear who is going to take over the Society of the Righteous as many of her trusted advisors had cleared out her bank accounts. Said one anonymously from his new penthouse in a neutral shadow, “We could not use corrupt Parys/Garnath banks because they demanded proof of identity so it was easy to get a few billion out in a rush before the others took it beforehand.

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