New Government for Golden Circle Empire

King Bleys today has lifted the emergency measures that were imposed in the Golden Circle.
“With 99% of the strife over and peace coming back to the loyal client kingdoms of the Golden Circle, I am delighted and proud to end the Inquisition.
The Golden Circle is now looking after its Reconstruction under totally loyalty to the Crown.” said King Bleys at Court today.

“I am creating the Imperial Privy Council for the Empire of the Golden Circle to facilitate good government under the authority of the Imperial Viceroy.
There will be a Cabinet to supervise all areas of government under the central authority while respecting the autonomy of the Client Kings. This includes all Foreign Affairs outside the Golden Circle. Client Kings may have Embassies with each other and High Commissions in Amber City but may not have relations with sovereign nations outside of Amber.”

“There will be a customs union inside the Golden Circle and a special Free Trade agreement with the Kingdom of Amber. The Kingdom of Amber will negotiate any trade agreements with all foreign powers in friendship and with an eye for prosperity.”

“There will be a Judicial process that will be under the supervision of the Imperial Viceroy as the Courts in Amber and under the King of Amber. The Coke principle does not exist in Amber and the Oberon Doctrine still remains in place and is extended to the new Imperial Viceroyalty. The Golden Circle model shall be Federal in nature.”

“We thank the Grand Inquisitor, Prince Wendell for his years of effort in winning the hearts and minds, stopping the rebels and feeding the tummies. We wish to name my grandson, Prince Wendell, as the Viceroy of the Golden Circle, Chief Administrator and Commander in Chief of its Armed Forces effective immediately”

“Client Kings will upon their accession and once, every 7 years, will be required to present themselves and do homage to the Viceroy or to the Emperor (King Bleys of Amber) when he visits and holds an Imperial Durbar.

“Tribute from client kings is now abolished. There will be a direct taxation system created – which will be directly upon the Golden Circle from the central government that will be less per capita than the cost of tribute but is expected to produce many efficiencies. Client Kingdoms will have their own taxation system which will be separate from the Imperial GC Government.  The Imperial Government will issue its transfer payments to the Royal Government in Amber based upon discussions with the Royal Government in Amber and the Imperial Government of the Golden Circle.

King Bleys noted that over 40,000 Amber subjects are junior and senior officers in the Imperial Army and Navy, officials, bureaucrats and non commissioned officers in the new Golden Circle administration. He also said that many new graduates of the Helgram Academy are being actively recruited to assist in building the new government. All have been tested for loyalty to King Bleys. King Bleys said that these opportunities can give Helgrams and other high bloods opportunity for gainful progressive employment and do not need to go to special retraining programs like the one in Malus City. UT because of on the job training programs set up by Wendell.

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