Smuggling Ring Busted

(Thelbane City) King Swayville’s Imperial and Royal Office today announced that there was a large military action that ran from Thelbane City’s Pit to the edge of Geib Void to the edge of the Black Zone along the Abyss frontier. “Not since the days of Cornelius the Elder has that many of our military been deployed in and around the Brown Water Chaos Abyss,” the report read.

“We have been intercepting large amounts of contraband that has been travelling into Chaos and the holy lands, realms and dominions of Lord Swayville. The report observes that Swayville is by the right of birth, the King of Chaos, Lord of Thelbane, Emperor of the Golden Circle, Grand Emperor of the Abyss Empire, oldest male heir to the line of the Abyss Emperors starting with Justin the Uniter aka Justin the Stern.”

The report mentions that large numbers of loose unaffiliated Abyss hags – the warrior amazons – who belong to no Ruler nor Goddess have been leading smuggling runs into Chaos, benefiting certain rogue Chaos Lords from Sawall who were ex-Prime Ministers but will remain unnamed.

Large amounts of White (Monoatomic) Gold, raw laen, mithril, reams of magical sigils, even runic sigils were being exported illegally to the Abyss in contravention of decrees continually going as far back to the Founding of the Dragon Throne of Thelbane Tower in Chaos.

Over 400 barrels of BVC High Blood were seized. Chaos law enforcement and military reports that over 30 minor Lords were arrested and have been confined to Thelbane Tower. Included in that arrest is Mandorius FitzSawall, a bastard son of Mandor reportedly with one of the Abyss hags.

Barrels of Victor Crude Blood forms the legal tender of all Abyss Queendoms and is the definition of High Blood Measurement for rituals in the Abyss and many other places and realms. 1 BVC is worth approximately 1 pint of the blood of one of the “Bears”. Lord Victor Fitzchannicut is a black haired descendant of House Channicut, living in deep Channicutways, who denies but alleged to have donated insane amounts of his blood in exchange for exotic favours from unidentified Abyss Hags. The sheer volume of the blood caused it to become the official and/or unofficial trading currency in the Abyss Blackwater and beyond.

Definition of Barrels of Victor Crude – One barrel equals 42 US gallons or 35 UK (imperial) gallons, or approximately 159 litres or 9,702 cubic inches (5.6 cubic feet)

Lately, BVC have been used as trade and payment between different smuggling rings and rogue Abyss traders. Reportedly Leaders Sand and Delwin have been accumulating large surpluses of BVC to serve as a currency reserve for trade and bribery with the Abyss.

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