Raid on Dinner in 1997 Earth Condemned!

(News of the World – NYC, 1997 Earth)   King Swayville’s Royal Office today condemned a recent attack by partisan vigilantes who dared to storm the Rainbow Club in the NYC Rockefeller Centre in 1997 Earth (Gwen, Thrawn and Karl’s) where  the Princes Geran, Ian and Edward and their wives, Prince Artur, Prince Karl were dining.
The vigilante ‘special agents’ who claimed to be authorized by a host of governments of small shadows, NGOs across Creation and miscellaneous committee groups, attempted to unlawfully place the three Princes into custody. Apparently they were mandated by their groups to make the most Noble Princes, Ministers, Archdukes and Grand Dukes face their ad hoc, ultra vires kangaroo court where the results would be preordained.
While these individuals were from this Earth (1997) they were trained and “authorized” by another Earth government(s) which is allied to, or moving in concert with the Society of the Righteous.
Of the 6 or 7 team members, all but two were taken into custody by NYC Police who had become as a result of the incident devout Loki worshippers along with nearly a quarter of Manhattan’s population. The other 2 died from their wounds received while attacking the noble Princes of the Blood.
King Swayville’s Royal Office condemned the attack which was personal to His Most Royal and Imperial Majesty, “This is a direct attack on civilization. The brother in law of  HMRIM along with two of his grandsons, one being a Grand Duke and an Archduke is an affront to the dignity of the Crown and shan’t be tolerated.”
A brick thrown into a bus side window in NYC in 1997 Earth said that “Saint” Ameliana FitzJesby condemned Geran, Ian and Edward as Enemies of the People. “They will be brought to justice.” the note promised, observing that Saint Ameliana has more squads who will attempt to ‘arrest these evildoers’.
King Swayville issued a Bounty of a Knighthood and 100,000,000 Thelbane Pounds for Ameliana FitzJesby – Dead or Alive.

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