Visualising Shadow

While the Continuum or multiverse can be said to be infinite dimensions of infinite shadow, landmarks are best measured with the Poles of Power at the X, Y, and Z axes respectively.  Unlike Earth, the axis is perfectly straight. These would be the three intersecting lines of Creation in 3D. They would run towards Ancient Earth – (0,0,0)

For the purposes of Solstice:

  • Parys to Brandenberg is the X Axis or East/West or the Earth Zone with (0,0,0) being Ancient Earth.
  • Asgard to the Triskleion  is the Y Axis – I am thinking of putting Earth 616 and 1997 Earth at or along this area.
  • Amber to Chaos is the Z Axis – Up/Down, North/South.

(For trivia sake – Lambeth and Tiereth are located around the “tropic of cancer” (plane) up towards Amber. Kashfa just outside the Golden Circle would be located at the “Arctic circle”). The Helgram Zocalo in the Chaos Black Zone – would be located in the “Antarctic circle”.

Interestingly the plane of the ‘equators of the Z and X axes would form the ‘modern’ earth type shadows (probably including Tenterden in the Amber direction).

(What would run of significance in the Z axis corresponding to the Earth Zone? for example. Also what would the corresponding ‘up and down Earth-less’ key points away from Earth towards Amber/Chaos respectively be like?)

  • On a real or celestial globe with co-ordinates – we could visualize Amber/Chaos being the North/South Poles 90 degrees N and S respectively.
  • On the same orb/globe/sphere, one can imagine 0,0 (off the West African Coast in the Atlantic) on the equator and on the Greenwich true line) and 0, 180 on the opposite side on the equator and near the International Date Line (without political juts) in the Pacific. (Parys and Brandenberg)
  • On the equator both –  at 0,90 E would be Asgard (fairly far west of Java and south of Sri Lanka) and  0, 90 W near the Galapagos Islands (would be found the former Bayport)


If each ‘pole’ or Great Power/Equivalent at these six points have a sphere of ‘closed or dedicated shadow – ie universes of its own. We could see a sphere with six spheres overlapping at the 6 cardinal points.

While this is a model of methane with a centre and 4 points. Imagine a model with 6 instead of 4 ‘outer spheres’ but at right angles on the central ball.

  • One question that seems to have existed before the Pattern was created – is why are all earths irregular in their axial tilt of 23 degrees.
  • Another question is who do all Venus’ have sunrise in the West? (and also are mostly nasty hellish places)