Month: May 2017

Two new Deputy Prime Ministers of Chaos

King Swayville has announced Dara will share Prime Ministerial Authority with two new deputies.
These new appointments include:
Princess Gilva Hendrake, wife of Prince Edward, and
Duchess Athena Helgram, Head Mistress of the Academy of Helgramways
They will cosign with a majority for any acts where the Prime Minister can act unilaterally.
Princess Dara welcomes this with a warm smile and says she looks forward to working with Gilva and Athena.
In an unrelated announcement, Prince Dave of Sawall, Duke of Daveways has been honoured with the Grand Commander of the Order of the Dragon and also has been named to the Royal Society of Chaos. Lord Bances has also issued him with a religious knighthood, Knight of the Order of Justin the Stern.

Dara makes HUGE Donations!

Princess Dara, Grand Duchess of Sawall and of Houses Hendrake and Helgram, Prime Minister of Chaos today announced that she was spending a whole year’s income from her vast estates and investments to fund a large number of benevolent projects today.
Included in this –
The Chaos Church Roof Fund. – Dara has committed to replacing every Church Roof and also paying for every major repair in every church in Chaos and the Black Zone including those hurt in the last Civil War
The Swayville and Florimel Foundation – This new organization is being funded to provide for educational scholarships for poor Chaos Lords including all Helgrams in need regardless of residence.
The Motherhood Fund of Chaos – Dara is committing to have homes set up, funded and a trust set up for 50 homes for unwed mothers in Chaos and the Black Zone and 10 in Amber and 1 in each open Earth Zone territory as well as Parys and Brandenberg if they permit.
The King Christophe and Queen Jorrah Fund for Refugees, Originally conceived by Queen Jorrah to help with Jorrahville Refugees, the now disbanded camp, will provide aid for those in need who come to Parys seeking refuge. Once approved by the Parys government, refugees will be sheltered, fed and trained as well as taught Parys French, Parys customs and integrated into Parys society.
The Hellmaid Injury Fund – to support injured and retired veteran hellmaids in Hendrake. Dara is building 30 homes and providing vocational and rehabilitative training.
The Sawall Poor Box – dedicated to providing support and assistance to Dara’s Sawall subjects, especially those who have been harmed through the Mandor rebellion.
King Swayville announced that Princess Dara is proud and honoured to support these funds.