The Aesir and Vanir

Gods of Asgard

Much like the nobles of Amber and Chaos that have spread throughout Creation, the Aesir and Vanir were Blooded meta-Humans that were able to tap into the primal forces of the multiverse.  Bold and violent, the Aesir stormed their way through the Heavens while the more peaceful and poetic Vanir lived within the great forests of their home.  As Asgard has risen from the ashes, many of the former “gods” of the Runelands have recovered their memories, once again recalling the glories of days long gone.

The Nature of Godhood

What does it mean to be a god in Asgard?  Blooded Family stand above the average human similarly to how the mountains rise above the seas.  The powers that these individuals are able to call upon dwarf all but the most incredible of natural phenomena.
Each of the gods of Asgard are empowered by the Great Rune to support their roles.  Their portfolio, or mantle, does not define their abilities, but it certainly augments them in some ways while actively limiting them in others.  These mantles, tied to the souls of the Family who served as deities in Old Asgard, remain with those who have found themselves reborn.  Whether or not they can be removed is unknown, but at least one, Odin’s, has been reassigned.
In most simple terms, the mantles of the gods grant them an edge when they operate within their realm of responsibility.  This is not a massive gift that allows unbridled power, but more of an enhancement to the powers that these individuals have already developed.  Similarly, the mantles actively resist their bearers when they act in a manner that counteracts their accepted roles.
So, Magnus, who bears Odin’s mantle as the god of sorcery, can’t just wave his hand and defeat all other mages.  Tyr can’t  make everyone tell the truth.  Hodr can’t call winter weather out of the skies in mid summer.  Magni can’t lift the world.  Etc.
Example:  Eir, the goddess of healing, is, hands down, the best healer in Asgard.  Things happen for her that would not for any other god, even if they used the same medicines and magics.  In game terms, depending on the scene, she should get a bonus to her psyche for healing magics anywhere from a +10 to (if the scene calls for it) an automatic success.  Likewise, however, as the goddess of HEALING, her offensive magic ability is always weaker than it should be.  Her mantle will actively work against her in situations where she tries to harm others.  Doesn’t mean she can’t do it, it just means that it’s not going to be nearly as easy.  She is effectively at war with herself when she tries this.

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