Dramatis Personae

Heads of the Schools

Seiðkonur Helle

The blind Headmistress of the Seiðrhol Academy of Mystic and Mundane Skills

Herforingi Malaba

Half-giant Commander of the Hús Brjóta, Asgard’s Academy of Military and Martial Arts

Simeon Lagiðfugl

The Master Skald of the Tromma Sal, the center of musical and lore studies


The Nine

The “Nine Warlords” are the elite commanders of the Asgardian Warband.  In the field, their command is complete, answerable only to Magnus himself.


A tall warrior, easily pushing 7′ in height, beard and long brown hair braided and beaded.


A crafty eyed man with little to note other than the calculating gaze that he casts upon everything around him.

Rauður Erik

Famous for his silence, this man, nevertheless, seems to smile like he is hearing the world’s greatest joke.

Ragnar Lodbrok

In the words of an Agardian, Ragnar is “an axeman,” possessing broad shoulders, hands like hammers, and enough scars for a dozen men.  He is stares at the world with open hunger.

Eric af Blóðugum Oxi

If the other Erik was a laughing wolf, this one is a snarling version.  He deals with the world and everything in it with poorly disguised impatience.

Gunnar Hamundarson

You could call this man “beautiful” if you dared.  Surrounded by the rough Warlords whom he calls peers, his appearance is even more striking.  Thick blond hair frames his head and shoulders, and he possesses pale blue eyes reminiscent of the hardest ice.

Ivar sem Beinlaus

A cripple amongst wolves, Ivar nevertheless commands easily.  His legs are obviously withered and useless, but his skill in battle makes even the judgmental Asgardians offer nothing but the greatest of respect.  Ivar is rumored to be the greatest commander of the Nine.

Bjorn Ironside

The youngest of the Warlords, Bjorn is a heavily built man with heavy blond braids and beard.  Even amongst the raiders and hunters of the Warband, he has a reputation for speed and recklessness.


Whip thin and scarred, the seawolf of the Warband, Hastein, has a well earned reputation as a vicious raider, thief, murderer, and exploiter of the smallest weaknesses.  He is everything that most Warband soldiers aspire to be – a true Viking.  Magnus is said to value his wisdom greatly.


Finnandi Skallgrimsson

Asgardian Intelligence Chief

Samuli Anker

Commander of the Jarn Riddari and Protective Services