Ian Hawke: Current Status

Status in Amber

Mayoral Press Conference

The Mayor of Amber today held a press conference in the Guildhall Yard, where he issued a surprise statement.

“Ladies, gentlemen…people of Amber

Some months ago, I made a choice.

I chose to support Bleys, son of Oberon, to succeed his father in ruling this great nation. I had hoped that he would be a fair, just King, who would care for his people and help this nation become great once more, after the privations of war, and help to stabilise Amber as it recovers from the death of King Oberon.

I stand before you this afternoon to admit that I was wrong.

Instead of the monarch Amber needs and deserves, we have a frivolous buffoon, who is more interested in building palaces, having parties, giving positions and awards to his cronies, and holding parades than looking after his people.

He is not the man Amber needs on the Throne.

He is not the man I thought he was – or hoped he could be.

I am therefore withdrawing my support for Bleys as King of Amber as of this date.

I will not be attending his Coronation, as I do not believe he deserves to be crowned.

I abdicate my rights and privileges as Crown Prince of Amber. Bleys, son of Oberon, can decide if I should also be stripped of other titles, positions and awards I may hold as a member of the Amber Royal Family, awarded to me both before and after he was elected to his current position.

This decision is mine. I speak for myself. I do not speak for my children, or my grandchildren. It is their choice whether they decide to stay and support Bleys, or whether they follow me into obscurity.

It is Bleys’s choice whether my eldest son and heir succeeds me as Crown Prince, or whether he cuts my entire line out of the succession because of what I have said here today. I hope my descendants will abide by his decision.

I have enjoyed being your Mayor, and I have tried to do my best for this great City. But I suspect that I will not be allowed to retain this position after today, in which case I thank you for your support and hope that my successor understands that it is the people of Amber who are important.

Thank you.”

The Mayor then turned and went back inside the Guildhall. He did not invite questions.

Royal Office Response

The Royal Office issued a brief statement stating that it has received Prince Ian’s renunciation of his claim to the Amber succession.

The statement notes Ian’s concerns and sympathizes with him regarding the sad news of his siblings being murdered by criminal elements such as Caine.

The statement confirms that Ian will remain a full Prince of Amber with all the styles elements including Duke of Amber City and other titles of nobility and holdings.

Ian will remain Lord Mayor of Amber City as long as he so wishes as His Majesty still has confidence that Ian has been a highly competent shepherd to the people of Amber City.  The option exists if Ian wishes for the position to be a Cabinet rank position.

The Royal Office says that currently Ian, unless his renunciation is extended, is still heir to the Grand Duchy of Helgram.

The Royal Office confirms that the Coronation will go as planned and regrets that Prince Ian will not be in attendance.

Status in Brandenberg

Statement by King Brand, on the occasion of a wedding in Amber.

Bleys got a good son he did not deserve but would not let me have. Ian is the hero of the Remban Wars and put those fish loving abyss worshippers in his place with his decisive and heroic defence of Amber with using his intelligence in the Battle of Cabra Shelf.

Ian has been in command of many other maneuvers including a decisive police action outside Amber City shutting down the nest of traitors called Zan-Zibar. I can go on but I want to give Ian a public token of my esteem.

He is the Lord Mayor of Amber, Home Secretary, he has rank and position in Chaos too and is Bleys’ Crown Prince in Helgramways. If I had Ian with Geran as my two first born sons, I would have conquered Amber centuries ago and put the boots to Dad before the Civil War. This Castle would be very different.

He makes a toast: “To Geran and Ian. Geran got the Grand Master of the Order of the Comet, but I am giving Ian a Knight Commander of the Order of Brand. A personal order of the Kingdom of Brandenberg.”

“I also do name Ian a Prince of Brandenberg by decree.” Brand says, “Though it is behind my sons but ahead of grandsons in precedence. I wanted to adopt Ian outright using Chaos Law but Bleys, Swayvanna and Fiona each said no.” he complains.

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